• A Phiman always strives to reach the highest he can possibly attain.
  • A Phiman is always dedicated to his lifelong educational, moral, and spiritual efficiency that responsibility of serving others.
  • A Phiman is faithful to the ideas and traditions set forth by the Founders his sacred and beloved fraternity.
  • A Phiman always upholds the dignity of women; for she is the fruit of our society.
  • A Phiman always upholds the respect of his elders and superiors; for they hold the knowledge and experience that soon will be ours.
  • A Phiman always endeavors to generate pride in himself and all those who fellowship with him.
  • A Phiman always dresses with dignity, and grooms himself impeccably, for his appearance reflects upon himself as we as his Fraternity.
  • A Phiman always endeavors to take active interest in his environment, using his influence toward the protection of the unfortunate and the weak.