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One of the main tenets upon which Phi Delta Psi is built, is to work towards the empowerment and enrichment of young black men within our communities. This is one of the primary motivating forces… underlying most of the community service initiatives that we as a Fraternity undertake each year.

S.A.F.E Initiative

Since 1977, Phi Delta Psi, Fraternity Incorporated’s concept of a logical progression from individual self improvement to the larger goal of social betterment for the masses have transcended…

Message from the President

Greetings Brothers,

As members of this great Fraternity we all know that since our inception in 1977 our Fraternity has experienced its shares of triumphs and turmoil. However, throughout our history our shared purpose of service to others as well as our love and dedication for the red and gold has fused us together as a brotherhood.

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Founders’ Day!

2021/03/21 13:35:56


The “revolutionary” ‘70’s era was a time that was ripe for change and for daring, and so it was that 10 impassioned and dedicated African American students studying on a predominantly white campus of Western Michigan University established a new brotherhood called Phi Delta Psi. March 21, 1977 marked the creation of a Greek organization founded on the principles of manhood, honor, perseverance, leadership, achievement and true brotherhood. It was a call to courage and honor for young men who wanted to test themselves against rigorous standards and reach to new heights of achievement and the true fulfillment of their manhood. It was also a means of enfranchisement for a group of students who had hither fore not fully participated socially and politically on that campus.

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