Durron J. Newman

The President shall be the National officer of Phi Delta Psi. The duties of the President shall include presiding over all meetings of the National Board and present members, exercising general charge and supervision of the affairs of Phi Delta Psi, being responsible for the transfer of corporate files from outgoing Officers and committee chairmen to their respective successors, and doing and performing such other duties as may be required by this Constitution or as may be assigned by the National Board. The President is responsible for ensuring the completion of all tasks assigned to the different Vice Presidents serving on the National Board of Directors. To that end, the President must create a system whereby he can check-in with each Vice President at a designated time to ensure the proper execution of their duties and to provide support and direction when needed. The President must maintain a monthly standard meeting with all Vice Presidents to discuss activities and the growth of the Fraternity, at which time a review of deliverables of each VP is conducted and new tasks are delegated. The President is also responsible for monitoring the National Website, calendar, associated Facebook groups and other media content is always up to date. He is also responsible for liaising with the VP of Finance to ensure that the Fraternity’s books are in order and that the account balances and other relevant financial information about the Fraternity is easily accessible.

Vice President

Phillip Salter

The duties of the Vice President shall include serving as Chairman of the Membership Committee, and shall also include, in the absence or disability of the President, the performance of all duties and the exercise of all powers incumbent upon the President. The Vice President also may be asked to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the President and/or by the National Board. As Chairman of the Membership Committee, the Vice President must coordinate with officers of the various Chapters to promote membership recruitment and retention. He is responsible for coordinating the annual membership drive within existing chapters as well as to identify college campuses for establishing new chapters.


VP of Communication

The duties of the VP of Communication shall include serving as the Chairman of the Constitution/Bylaws Committee, maintaining the corporate records and the minute book of Phi Delta Psi, and attending all of the meetings of the National Board and members of Phi Delta Psi provided, however, that if the VP of Communication’s absence at a meeting is unavoidable, an alternative National Board Member of Phi Delta Psi shall record the proceedings of that meeting. The duties of the VP of Communication shall also include keeping, or causing to be kept in a book provided for the purpose, a true and complete record of the proceedings of such meetings, the giving and serving of all notices of Phi Delta Psi, and the filing and caretaking of all papers and documents belonging to Phi Delta Psi. The duties of the VP of Communication also shall include maintaining a current roster of all members, reviewing all membership applications for approval for membership, and gathering the nominations and overseeing the election process during the Conclave.

VP of Finance

Olbin Grant

The duties of the VP of Finance shall include maintaining correct and complete records of account, and showing accurately at all times the financial condition of Phi Delta Psi. The duties of the VP of Finance shall also include serving as legal custodian of all monies, notes, securities and other valuables which may from time to time come into the possession of Phi Delta Psi, depositing all funds of Phi Delta Psi into some reliable bank or other depository to be designated by the National Board and kept in the name of Phi Delta Psi, and furnishing, whenever requested by the National Board, a statement of financial condition for the Phi Delta Psi which shall be attached to the official minutes of the meeting at which the statement was requested. The duties of the VP of Finance shall also include being a signatory on all bank accounts and, as such, the VP of Finance shall have the authority to withdraw funds and/or close said accounts. The VP of Finance shall serve as chair of any finance-related committee created by the National Board, and also may be asked to perform such other duties as may be required by these By-laws or as may be prescribed by the President or the National Board.

VP Of Maketing

Kevin Hunlede

The VP of Marketing holds ultimate responsibility for all aspects of marketing about the Fraternity through internal and externalcommunication channels. He is responsible to translating the vision and mission of the Fraternity for varied audiences while keeping all messages aligned with the strategic objectives articulated by the National Board of Directors. In conjunction with the VP of Communications he ensures that all communications from the Fraternity using different media is consistent in language and complementary in look. Develops and cultivate relationships with donors and partner organizations to facilitate projects and initiatives undertaken by the Fraternity as well as to burnish the image of the Fraternity.

VP Of Corporate Affairs

Michael Frank

The duties of the VP of Corporate Affairs shall be tasked with representing the Fraternity’s brand and reputation in public, through both oral and written communications. Essentially, he becomes the face of the organization, interacting with members, sponsors, the media, college administrations and other stake-holders. Specifically, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs is responsible for all internal and external communications, including things like members’ newsletters, annual business reports and press releases. It is imperative that internal communication protocols be both consistent and frequent. As such, the VP of Corporate Affairs will be responsible for developing and distributing a monthly newsletter and/or other materials that will keep members apprised of events and opportunities taking place within the Fraternity on a national scale. The Vice President of Corporate Affairs also serves as the voice and image of the Fraternity when interacting with the public, school administrations, media outlets and other competing organizations. He is tasked with writing press releases that represent the Fraternity, as well as taking a pro-active approach to establishing and maintaining a high-profile external presence. Finally, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs may also be responsible for planning any events hosted by or involving their Fraternity. His duties encompass designing a strategy that will incorporate the Fraternity’s branding and developing key messaging with a logistics plan that ensures high visibility for the Fraternity.

VP Of Community Service

Carl Green

The duties of the VP of Community Service shall include the development and implementation of a community service program for the Fraternity. He is also responsible for ensuring that all chapters are educated on the importance of being involved in the campus community and the surrounding areas. (town, city or county). He will promote participation in any national or Regional community service project/ programs and encourage attendance. He will also coordinate community service activities with the Regional Community Service Committee and in fact serve as Chairman of the Community Service Committee.

Immediate Past President

Q R. Johnson

The honorary position of Immediate Past President shall be automatically filled by the individual who completed the previous administrative term as President. The Immediate Past President may vote at National Board meetings only for the purposes of breaking a tie. Other than voting on issues before the National Board when the vote would otherwise be a tie, the Immediate Past President shall be an advisory position only, and the holder of the position shall have no authority to conduct business on behalf of Phi Delta Psi. The position is intended to encourage continuity between administrations. For the avoidance of doubt, the position of Immediate Past President is not counted toward Quorum, nor does it modify the number of positions of the National Board. If the outgoing President is unable to serve as Immediate Past President, then the position shall remain vacant until the following term.