Phi Delta Psi is an amalgam of brothers who possess a diversity of outlooks, skills, talents and broad objectives. This diversity of experiences lends a unique component to our brotherhood that stresses the unique nature of each brother and celebrates his individuality. Within our organization you foremost are a distinctive individual and then a contributing member to the larger brotherhood. Our brothers participate in all different career spectrum including lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, authors, government officials, thespians and educators. Within Phi Delta Psi a strong emphasis is placed on looking towards the future and constantly evolving more refined methods for dealing with existing and developing issues and problems facing our members and the African American community at large. Phi Delta Psi recognizes the importance of molding the legacy of our future with particular emphasis on the youth within the African American community who must be prepared to take on the task of maintaining and increasing the forward momentum of our community as a whole.

Phi Delta Psi seeks individuals who are willing to use their creativity to problem solve and are strong leaders who show an unswerving commitment to service.